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Evolution Series

Salt Chlorinators

Evolution Series Salt Chlorinators

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Designed for tough tropical conditions, is reliable and has the technology to match any chlorinator on the market, without the problems associated with touch pad failure and temperamental liquid crystal displays.

Australian designed and manufactured
Enviromentally friendly low salt 3500 to 4500ppm
Over salt warning light
Technically advanced digital micro processing PCB
Energy efficient low kw consumption
10% incremental adjustable chlorine output
No internal fuse external reset button
Flashing LED water fault warning lights
Easy to set analog time clock with optional battery backup
Ease of installation will retrofit to most common brands
High grade long lasting electrolytic cell
Reverse polarity indicator LED light
Three Year Warranty
Three Year Warranty on power pack and electrolytic cell
Model Input Watt kw Chlorine Production Gram/hour Millilitres per hour Cell Case Connection Max Pool Capacity (litres)
A15TS 200 0.20 15g 150ml 40-50mm 45,000
A20TS 200 0.20 20g 200ml 40-50mm 65,000
A25TS 200 0.20 25g 250ml 40-50mm 80,000
A30TS 350 0.35 30g 300ml 40-50mm 100,000
A35TS 350 0.35 35g 350ml 40-50mm 120,000
Evolution Series Salt Chlorinators

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