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Gemini Series

Salt Chlorinators

Gemini Series Salt Chlorinator

The ultimate in salt water management.

The Gemini System is a fully-controlled salt water management system. Pool water sanitiser and pH levels are continually analysed by the Gemini Control unit, which activates the Gemini salt or mineral salt chlorinator as required and also keeps pH within the optimum range.

Maintains safe & healthy pool water
Fully automatic sanitiser & pH control
Reduces pool operating costs including power, chemical & equipment replacement
Low maintenance costs, reduction in chemical usage & reduced power consumption provides overall year round savings
Makes it easy to maintain correct pool water chemistry
Compatible with conventional and mineral salt pools & spas

Model Details
Gemini Gemini - is a fully-controlled salt water management system. A multi-electrode probe analyses water chemistry and determines how much chlorine needs to be produced by the electrolytic cell. The probe also assesses the pH of the water and adjusts as necessary.

  • Maximise energy efficiency, saving you dollars
  • Constantly maintains your pool water chemistry at safe levels
  • Prevents damage to pool shell & equipment caused by incorrect water chemistry
Gemini+ Gemini+ - adds a further dimension to pool water management. It comes with a liquid chlorine booster function that allows you to reduce pump running times, saving energy and money. Off-peak power can also be used to help achieve further savings while maintaining a safe and healthy pool.

  • Liquid chlorine backup pump
  • Additional energy cost savings
  • Manages peak bather loads or extreme weather conditions
  • Perfect for pool / spa combos
Gemini Series Salt Chlorinator