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Polaris 3900 Sport

Automatic Pool Cleaner

Polaris 3900 Sport Automatic Pool Cleaner

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Built on 40 years experience the sleek new Polaris 3900 Sport offers the most technologically advanced features available in a pool cleaner and defines a new style of Polaris performance for your pool.

Designed for all inground pool surfaces the Polaris 3900 Sport operates off a dedicated booster pump sweeping and scrubbing your pool in less than 3 hours. Combined with its sleek and sporty new body design, you can now clean your pool in style!

PosiDrive System
The all wheel PosiDrive system delivers 50% more torque and is the most reliable and efficient drive train on the market. Durable plastics and stainless steel hardware ensures years of dependable service.
With an easy twist-release connector and full-zipper access, the Polaris 3900 Sport Superbag can easily be removed and cleaned. Its 5 litre capacity makes it 40% larger than the average filter bag and also means more debris pick-up with fewer stops to empty the bag.
WideTrax Tyres
The Polaris 3900 Sport comes equipped with extra thick low profile tyres (WideTrax) for superior climbing and manoeuverability.
3 Vacuum Jets
With the most vacuum power of any 3 jet cleaner, the Polaris 3900 Sport supplements your filtration system by circulating an additional 150 litres of water per minute.
Sweep Hose
The Polaris 3900 Sport vacuums, sweeps and scrubs the walls and floor of any size or shape pool. The Sweep Hose provides effective cleaning even in tight, hard-to-reach areas.
Translucent Housing
The stylish housing provides superior resistance to UV discolouration and improved weatherability.
Polaris 3900 Sport Automatic Pool Cleaner

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