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Robo H2O

Automatic Pool Cleaner

Robo H2O Automatic Pool Cleaner

Hybrid cleaner for all pool surfaces.
Cleans like a robot - powered by water.

Robo H2O is a revolutionary new water-powered robotic pool cleaner. It works on low flow and the circulation system to efficiently clean a swimming pool without the added cost of electricity to the unit.

With an ultra-wide cleaning path, Robo H2O cleans pools quickly and efficiently. It uses V-pattern cleaning and a twin drive roller system to provide maximum coverage and scrubbing ability. Robo H2O’s patented* self-cleaning gears allow the cleaner to quickly change direction, while providing greater reliability with less wear.

Using this revolutionary new gear system, debris does not pass through the engine of Robo H2O which reduces the likelihood of jamming. Maintenance for this cleaner is simple and easy to do for the DIY homeowner. It poses a lower cost of ownership than other pool cleaners due to its high efficiency modular design.

Robo H2O’s steering mechanism is programmed and incorporates a full function bi-directional steering feature in its forward and reverse cycles. It also has adjustable suction control that allows for optimum performance in various pool types. Robo H2O’s smart track system is also an improvement on traditional designs as the tracks only make contact as needed to navigate around obstacles and during transitions. This means significantly less wear on what traditionally has been a fast-wearing item in the pool cleaner market.

Unique V-Pattern cleaning path allows maximum coverage in minimal time.
Smart Track System reduces wear on tracks since they only make surface contact as needed (during transitions and around obstacles).
Unique steering is programmed to clean both floors and walls.
Debris does not pass through the engine, reducing the likelihood of gears jamming.
Suction can be adjusted to work on low flow, even with variable speed pumps.
Open design is easily removed from pool as no water needs to drain out of cleaner.
Modular design allows for simple maintenance and upkeep.
Patented* Variable Torque Turbine protects drive train from damage and helps the cleaner pick up a variety of debris such as twigs, leaves, acorns and more.
Unique open design is lightweight and retains minimal water, providing easy removal from pool.
Patented* Swivel Technology allows cleaner to travel freely in pools of different shapes and sizes.
Self-cleaning gears effortlessly change direction and provide greater reliability with less wear.
Ultra-wide cleaning path.
Smart track system reduces wear on tracks because they only make surface contact as needed to navigate lights, main drains and ladders.
Twin - drive roller system provides maximum coverage and scrubbing action.

Robo H2O Automatic Pool Cleaner