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Zodiac AX10 Activ

Automatic Pool Cleaner

Zodiac AX10 Activ Automatic Pool Cleaner

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Featuring Cyclonic Scrubbing Action

Exclusive active cyclonic scrubbing brushes provide the ultimate deep cleaning experience. The active scrubbing removes algae and fine particles which other suction cleaners in its class leave behind.

Designed to take on the toughest pools, the Zodiac AX10 Activ uses Max-Drive Navigation 360° with dual drive assembly to deliver efficient cleaning making stuck on debris a thing of the past.

Features & Benefits
Cyclonic Scrubbing Action
A deeper clean with dual scrubbers. Cyclonic scrubbing action tackles fine, stuck - on debris. Removable scrubbing brushes can be easily replaced when worn.
Cyclonic Vacuum Technology
Cyclonic vacuum technology ensures that the AX10 Activ captures maximum debris whilst maintaining maximum cleaning power. Cyclonic suction also allows for a wider cleaning path ensuring both large and small debris are consumed with ease.
maX - Drive Navigation 360°
Maximum pool coverage thanks to 360° navigation dual drive assembly and wide cleaning path of 35cm.
Flex Power Turbine
The ultra efficient flex power turbine is at the heart of the AX10 Activ. It provides maximum torque while operating at low flow, ensuring the pool system is not burdened.
Convertible Debris Inlet
The AX10 Activ comes with an adjustable inlet opening depending on whether to capture small or large debris up to 4cm in diameter.
Mechanical Suction Pool Cleaner
Suitable for most in-ground pools up to 12m X 6m (Depending on location of skimmer box)
Suitable for concrete, pebblecrete, quartzon, tile, fibreglass, vinyl surfaces
Cleans floor and walls
Best suited for small and medium debris. Not suitable for long leaves i.e. palm leaves
Packaging Content
1 x Zodiac AX10 Activ head
12 x Zodiac long life Twist & Lock hose section
1 x AD flow valve
1 x universal weir cuff
1 x hose float
1 x Flow Regulator Valve
1 x 90 degree elbow
1 x quick start guide
1 x warranty card
Optional Accessory
Zodiac Leaf Catcher. Perfect accessory for heavy leaf litter. Captures leaves and other debris before they reach the skimmer, pump, or filter.
Zodiac AX10 Activ Automatic Pool Cleaner

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