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Atom EMC Concrete

Pool Lighting

Atom EMC Concrete Pool Lighting

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Ultra compact performance niche light.

Spa Electrics' range of ultra-compact, high performance LED pool lights are now available for CONCRETE pools!

Designed in consultation with pool building professionals, Spa Electrics' designers and engineers have been able to solve many of the issues experienced with other niche lighting systems.

So why are ATOM-EM lights the most advanced, high performance and easily installed flush-mounted lighting available for concrete pools?

Features & Benefits
High-intensity single & multi-colour LEDs provide ample illumination for even the largest pools.
Advanced LED technology and I PX8 water ingress protection means ATOM-EM Series lights will work reliably year after year.
Energy Efficient
Superior LEDs and Spa Electrics' patented DUOSINK® and PULSEWAVE® technologies deliver maximum brightness with the lowest power consumption on the market today.
Exquisite Colour
In both single colour & multi-colour options. Multi-colour provides brilliant colours & seamless transitions between colours.
Ultra Compact
Fits in steps, swim-outs, ledges & footwells.
ATOM (EM-series) lights incorporate patented PULSEWAVE® and DUOSINK® technologies for superior reliability.
Atom EMC Concrete Pool Lighting

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