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Photon GKRX Retro

Pool Lighting

Photon GKRX Retrofit Pool Lighting

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The simple lighting upgrade. Transform your pool today!

The Retro-Series of underwater lighting will give your pool the radiant makeover it deserves this season.

The Retro-Series delivers greater illumination than a 100W halogen Light while consuming less than 12watts of energy.

Start saving money today by upgrading from Halogen to LED, or if you already have LED why not add some more colour by upgrading to a brilliant 8 colour (10 settings) multi.

Features & Benefits
Single & Multi Colour
Choose a single colour LED in Blue, White or Green, or a spectacular multi colour LED in Blue, Cool White, Green, Aqua, Magenta, Lime, Red & Warm White with the option of slow or fast transition modes.
Operates on 12 ~ 32V AC
The Retro-Series underwater lights operate on 12, 24 & 32v ac. This eliminates the costly inconvenience of having to replace your transformer as the light simply connects to your existing transformer.
Remote Compatible
Make changing the colour of your light effortless by using a Spa Electrics remote control. Enquire today.
Replaces All Brands
The Retro-Series lights provide an easy replacement option for all major brands and installation types. Speak with Austral for more information.
Photon GKRX Retrofit Pool Lighting

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