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DAB E-Swim Pool Pump

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The Heart of the Swimming Pool.

The pump is the beating heart of the swimming pool since it moves the water for the purpose of filtration and treatment. A conventional pump, however, can be extremely expensive as it consumes more power than all the other devices combined. For this reason, DAB designed the highly energy-efficient.

E-SWIM electronic pump with low-consumption variable speed motor and hydraulics far superior to those of single-speed pumps.

E-SWIM is the ideal solution for keeping down energy costs: it requires up to 90% less power than a conventional pump at constant speed.

Up to 90% Energy Savings compared to any conventional solution.

Energy Saving
The new E-Swim is the best solution to reduce energy consumption.

A traditional single-speed pool pump consumes as much as 7 refrigerators, which means that it indirectly produces about 1,380,000 grams of co2, which is equivalent to what 138 trees would produce.

E-Swim really makes your system more efficient and optimises electricity costs.

It guarantees energy savings of up to 90% thanks to the combination of:
- synchronous permanent magnet motor.
- high efficient hydraulics to reduce pressure losses.
- 8 settable speeds.
Safety first
E-Swim with SVRS* software gives you full peace of mind: we have designed a system that disables the suction of the swimming pool pump, so that bodies or objects trapped against the suction port may be quickly released.

*E-Swim SVRS model available on request.
Easy installation
The E-Swim software allows you to operate not only at different speeds, but also at variable or constant flow rates, thus guaranteeing a unique user experience.

The intuitive interface gives access to the main settings depending on the specific application and all of the system information via the high resolution lcd screen.
Extremely Silent Running (45dba)
Thanks to water cooling technology
High Efficiency
Thanks to the new brushless motor, new hydraulics and new electronic board
Display LCD
Easy to install and use with large LCD display
This innovative solution combines aesthetics with sturdy materials highly resistant to corrosion and oxidation.
Variable speed / flow control
The inverter control board allows operation at variable speed or flow rate, optimising performance and reducing consumption without the need for sensors.
High efficiency hydraulics
The impeller and volute are designed specifically to improve/optimise hydraulic performance.
Anti-vibration feet
The supporting base guarantees stability with integrated rubber feet that reduce vibrations.
Integrated prefilter
The e.Swim has a large canister, up to 5 litres, a trasparent lid that can be removed without tools, and an internal filter easy to take out and clean.
Synchronous motor with permanent magnets
The new synchronous motor with permanent magnets represents a new benchmark on the market due to its efficiency and reliability.
Water cooling
Motor cooled by the pumped water, free from fan cooling. This lowers the noise and makes the pump more compact.
Suitable for salt water.
DAB E-Swim Pool Pump

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