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DAB Euroswim

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DAB Euroswim Pool Pumps

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0.5HP - 3.0HP
High Reliability

Self-priming centrifugal high performance electric pumps with incorporated high capacity pre-filter. Completely watertight motor.

Extremely silent and highly reliable, developed for the circulation and filtration of water in domestic and residential swimming pools.

High performance with low energy consumption
Very Quiet (60 DBA)
Silent running
Corrosion resistant materials for a long life even at extreme conditions (+ 60° ambient temperature)
Easy-to-open transparent cover for quick cleaning of the filter
This innovative solution combines aesthetics with sturdy materials highly resistant to corrosion and oxidation.
Hydraulic components
All components in contact with the liquid are made in polypropylene or noryl with glass fiber. High efficiency impeller with special design to cover and protect motor shaft against corrosion (motor is completely insulated)
Anti-vibration feet
The supporting base guarantees stability with integrated rubber feet that reduce vibrations.
Terminal board box
Easy and fast line connection, totally closed against the motor to avoid any accidental solid particle entry.
Quick and easy connection
In & out connection female, threaded 2”.
Optional on request: special 3 piece adjustment 50/63 mm.
Large prefilter
It has a large canister, up to 6 litres.
Motor (suitable up to 60°) a trasparent lid that can be removed without tools, and an internal filter easy to take out and clean.
All metallic components are surface treated.
Suitable for working in a high temperature environment (up to 50°c).
With exhaust condensate holes.
Capacitor is internal in the terminal board box.
Water proof bearings.
Model HP
Euroswim 500.5
Euroswim 750.75
Euroswim 1001
Euroswim 1501.5
Euroswim 2002
Euroswim 3003
DAB Euroswim Pool Pumps

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