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FAST Plast Pool Render


A white interior you can’t resist.

Use a brighter white to make a cooler blue.

With a brilliant white base and the option of sparkling coloured beads, a FastPlast rendered pool creates a lasting impression.

FastPlast offers one of the cleanest, brightest white renders possible, because it uses a pure white for its pebble base instead of a traditional grey pebble. The smooth white of FastPlast will result in a luxurious cool blue water colour.

For increased colour intensity, your applicator can add coloured glass beads to the white background.

Features & Benefits
Brilliant whites
Extremely durable
Cost effective
Factory blended for consistency
Varying colour by adding glass beads
If you desire a more intense blue or a different hue, ask your pool builder about the addition of vibrant glass beads to the FastPlast mix in which will enhance your pool water colour.
FAST Plast logo

FAST Plast Pool Render