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pH Perfect

Auto Dosing System

pH Perfect Auto Dosing System

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To maintain pool health the most critical element is pH balance, without it everything else will be unstable. pH Perfect was designed to give your pool perfect balance everyday.

Without pH balance your pool will always be struggling to maintain correct sanitiser levels, the water will be irritating to swim in and general pool maintenance and costs will sky rocket. Without doubt the single most important element in pool water chemistry is maintaining a good constant pH level.

The ideal for most pools is between 7.2 - 7.6, this provides optimal bather comfort and keeps your sanitiser working efficiently. If you start to drift outside of this (up or down) you will notice the water start to irritate your skin and eyes.

pH Perfect will keep your pH level reliably constant
Using a pH sensor located inline providing real time instant feedback to the control as to when it needs to add corrective solution. This means no waste and accurate dosing every time and best of all it means you don’t need to handle the dangerous chemicals.
pH Perfect can be used to deliver either liquid pH up or pH down depending on your pool's needs
If you use a Salt chlorinator pH Perfect is an absolute must have, one the natural occurrences with any saltwater device is the tendency for pH to creep upwards. pH Perfect will compensate for this and always keep your pool sparkling clean and perfectly balanced.
pH Perfect is suitable to combine with any sanitiser
pH Perfect uses an intelligent 'proportional feed system' that regardless of any type of pool surface or finish that the set point is reached in the quickest possible time with the least amount of corrective solution, saving time and money.
Two Year Warranty*
*2 years on control unit and POD materials, all fittings, tubing and sensor are 12 months only
Power Consumption9W
Maximum Dispense rate1.5L/h
Max. back pressure1.5bar
pH control range0.0-14.0
Accuracy+/- 0.1pH
Dimensions235mm x 200mm x 85mm
pH Perfect Auto Dosing System

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