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XLS 900

Fresh Water System

XLS 900 Fresh Water System

Enjoy a freshwater experience while safely sanitising your pool or spa with the XLS 900.

The XLS 900 operates effectively at extra low concentrations of salt. The salt is barely perceptible by taste and the experience is like swimming in fresh water.

Using an XLS 900 means saying goodbye to lugging heavy bags of salt back from the pool shop. The XLS 900 is kinder to you and your pool and surrounds - not to mention the environment!

Fully Automated.
Reverse-polarity (self-cleaning cells).
Timed power outlets.
Optional pH control.
Full Chlorine Control.

To put things in perspective, seawater has a salt concentration of around 30,000ppm. Conventional saltwater chlorinators operate at concentrations of between 3000 and 6000ppm. The XLS 900 works effectively at concentrations of around 900ppm – 1200ppm and it’s worth remembering that tap water often has salt concentrations of around 200ppm.

A great freshwater experience is also kind on the environment. When you backwash your pool or spa, you won’t be dumping large amounts of salty water. Extra low concentrations of salt also help protect your investment in your pool or spa. Metal accessories will no longer rust quickly and concrete surfaces are protected from the hardening that can occur with high concentrations of salt. High salt concentrations can be extremely harsh on pool surrounds – but this sort of damage can be prevented by using an XLS 900.

XLS 900 Fresh Water System