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Crystal Vapure VP

Salt & Mineral Chlorinator

Crystal Vapure LS Fresh Water System

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A low salt chlorinator operating a salt/mineral level of 3000 - 3500ppm.

Features & Benefits
Salt and Mineral Compatible Built-in TDS/Salt Test
Boost and Winter Mode Functions
Temperature and Flow Sensor
4 Year full warranty or 10,000 operating hours
Maximum Pool Volume: 70,000L
Salt or mineral salt compatible
Multi-function menu system
Easy to use touch pad
Efficient chlorine production
Ultra long life self-cleaning cell
Fully automated
Simple set up and operation
Quick connect cell
Horizontal or vertical install option with cell housing
Variable speed pump compatible
Smart temperature sensors (power supply & water)
Easy installation to new or existing pools
Low salt operation: 3000 - 3500ppm (0.3% - 0.35%) with built in self-regulator for high salt
Backlit lcd interface displaying detailed operator instructions clearly
Smart self-cleaning cell electrode
Premium grade quick connect titanium cell for increased lifespan
Backwash, super chlorinate and winter mode functions
Single or dual timer cycles
Built in salt/tds test, water flow and protection
Automatic battery back-up timer
Modern, slim looking power pack
Suitable for all pool surfaces (concrete, fibreglass, vinyl & tiled)
Part NumberModelMaximum Pool Volume
3103827VP15 40,000L
Crystal Vapure LS Fresh Water System

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