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UltraZone UV/Ozone

Spa Sanitiser

UltraZone Spa & Swim Spa Sanitiser
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Water, like nature intended.

UltraZone® uses natural processes to provide crystal clear, clean and healthy spa water that looks, feels and smells just like nature intended.

Using innovative technologies, the UltraZone® combines Ozone generation with UV-C sterilisation to make your spa water safe and clean whilst reducing harsh chemicals.

The UltraZone® rapidly UV sterilises 99.95% of all bacteria and virus materials that pass through it, then the powerful Ozone, a natural oxidiser combines to help destroy harmful organic material and chlorine by-products that cause skin, eye and respiratory irritations. UltraZone® is 100% safe and the natural choice for spa water health.

The UltraZone® system provides hygiene control at the flick of a switch. Every time you switch on your spa filter the UltraZone® cleans and sanitises your spa water resulting in crystal clear water free from ozone off-gas, chemical smells and irritations.

UltraZone® units are an easy retro-fit for new or existing spas. Simple to install, economical to run, better for your health. Thats the UltraZone® difference.

A healthier spa, with less chemical.

UltraZone® UV disinfection is much more effective than chlorine in killing Giardia, Noro Virus, Crypto and is proven to control and remove unwanted chloramines.

With UltraZone® your normal sanitiser usage will be reduced by up to 70%* and associated odors and irritants will be gone.

How it works

Ultraviolet is a Type of Electromagnetic Energy Found Between X-Rays and Visible Light.

UV light will inactivate 99.9% of bacteria, parasites and other micro-organisms provided the correct UV dose is applied.

Ozone is a naturally occurring oxidiser created in the UltraZone® unit using a corona discharge. This ozone is then injected and mixed into the patent pending UV chamber. The UV then reacts with the ozone to create a powerful oxidiser to burn off unwanted organic matter - the result, crystal clear, clean water.

Ozone output:50mg/hr.
UV-C Lamp:240V 50/60Hz. 140mA 32 Watts IPX5
Dimensions:13.8” (350mm) x 6.3” (160mm) x 3.4” (85mm)
Weight:3.3 lbs (1.5kg).
Air inlet:Filtered Ambient Air
Operating Water Temp:41°F (5.0°C) to 104°F (40.0°C)
Max Operating Pressure:30psi (210Kpa)
LED indicator signals Ozone and UV operating normally (green)
LED indicator signals UV-C Lamp replacement (flashing yellow)
LED indicator signals non-operational (red)
Flow Requirements:14LPM Min to 75LPM Max
UltraZone Spa & Swim Spa Sanitiser
Ultrazone logo