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Qudo Filter Box

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Reduce the Noise of your Pool Equipment.

Features & Benefits
Easy DIY Installation
Significantly reduces noise emitted by your pool equipment. *Certified by Acoustic Engineer report.
Complete Protection
Protects your equipment investment from the elements, particularly the effects from UV sunlight and rain.
Sleek Modern Design
Beautifies your poolside and enhances property value.
Protects children and pets from the dangers of exposed pool filtration equipment and dangerous electrical components. The Qudo box has the added key lockable security option for the safe storage of pool chemicals.
Reduce Running Costs
Take advantage of off peak power tariffs and save on electricity using energy saving pumps.
Easily accommodates extra equipment (i.e solar heating) by purchasing additional modular panels, it can be expanded in stepped sizes up to 2.1 metres wide.
Matt Black colour.
Hot-dipped, 0.9mm powder coated galvanised steel.
Enclosure requires minimum 75mm clearance at rear to allow lid to open and air circulation.
Complies with housing code.
Comes as a kit with assembly instructions.
Skimmer Lids

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